TAF (Er, Erbaş, Y. Officer, Officer Petty Officer candidate Student) Operation of the Health Board
25 Haziran 2020

TSK (Er, Erbaş, Y. Officer, Non-Commissioned Officer Candidate Student) Health Board functioning
1. The referral documents of the candidates admitted to our hospital should be photographed and sealed.

2. The validity period of the referral document for candidates is 3 (three) days and they must apply to the hospital during this period. dispatch documents that fill three days are not processed.

3. The candidates who have pre-examinations and will be included in the board must provide the required documents in full.

4. Candidates must have written the number of transactions in their referral documents.

5. 2. and 3. the candidates referred to the board for the transaction must bring the decisions taken in their previous transactions together with the referral documents.

6. Candidates who complete the pre-examinations are required to apply to the health board one day later. (the system does not repeat the same day transaction)

7. Military health board meets on Thursday in our hospital. The results are delivered a day later on Friday.

8. Candidates who will enter the board must submit their file no later than Wednesday.

Note: the validity period of all examinations carried out by the candidates is ten (10) days.