Application Form
25 Haziran 2020

The operations of the Health Board are carried out according to the operating regulations of inpatient treatment institutions. The documents required in the application are as follows::
- Petition (civil servant, teacher, contract staff, abroad, Driving License, adoption, student becomes, dormitory registration, disabled ID card, Social Services carer benefit, Special disabled Education, SCT discount, application is required by petition)
- Referral document and official letter If referred from institutions to the Health Board
- TC. Identity document with ID number
- Akli Meleke report receivables 2 pieces (taken within the last 6 months ) photo

2022 disability assessment and disability reports from the Directorate of income and corporate taxes, the Provincial Directorate of property of which it is affiliated, the related Social Security Institution, the institutions of which it is affiliated, those sent for the examination of the Board of health; unless there is a contrary note in their writings ( such as the fee will be paid by the

The Way It Works
Records are made in the Health Board unit with the letters of petitions or report request. The examination form is prepared and the picture is pasted on it and this form is delivered to them for examination in the related outpatient clinics. As a result of examination in outpatient clinics and examination findings are processed into this form, the person will come back to the health board and the person will be seen and concluded in the board in order to make a decision about it. In the meantime, if the board deems it necessary, it will re-question the persons and examine them and issue the report of the Health Board by making the final decision about them. It is given upon the approval of the chief physician.

Types Of Health Board Reports Given
- Full-Fledged Reports
- Age proofreading (paid sent by the court)
- Officer
- Contracted Staff
- Teacher
- Becomes a student
- Dormitory Registration
- Foreign Workers
- adoption
- Gun License
- Armed - Unarmed Private Security
- Guardian determination report (sent by the court)
- Disability Reports
- 2022 Disability Pension
- Tax Exemption
- SCT reduction
- Report status reports
- For special disabled Education
- Disabled ID Card

Disability health board report is given from our hospital Health Board. Our hospital can apply directly to the Board of Health with 3 (three) passport ( normal size ) photographs taken in the last month, patient ID and ID copy. In applications, the patient must be. After the patient or relatives fill out the relevant forms, the application is taken.

Our citizens who want to receive disability health board report should not have applied to any of our hospital outpatient clinics within the last 10 ( ten ) days. For those who have been admitted to the Polyclinic within the last 10 ( ten ) days, the Polyclinic entrance cannot be made for the examination of the board of Health.

Those who want to receive a disability health board report should not have a disability report in advance. Those who have a disability health board report and those who want to get a new one should apply to the Provincial Directorate of Health with their old reports.

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Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 13.30 am.
Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 13.30 PM for disabled Health Board reports,
The Military Health Board meets at 13:30 on Thursday.

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Telephone: 0312 356 90 00 / 1736