Patient Rights
24 Haziran 2020

'The right to health is that one can ask society, the state, for his health to be protected, to be treated, to be improved, and to benefit from the opportunities provided by society in order to continuously improve his health.'

This is the first time that anyone who has applied to our health care facility has been offered a health care service.;
- To benefit from services in general: activities aimed at promoting healthy living within the framework of the principles of Justice and fairness and to benefit from preventive health services,
- Access to service in equality: to receive services without regard to race, language, religion and denomination, gender, political thought, philosophical beliefs, economic and social situations,
- Information: to learn what all kinds of services and facilities are,
- Choosing and changing the organization: choosing and changing the Health Organization and benefiting from the health services provided in the Health Organization he chooses,
- Recognition, selection and replacement of personnel: to learn, select and change the identities, duties and titles of medical doctors and other personnel who will provide and provide health care,
- Request information: to request all kinds of information related to health condition orally and in writing,
- Privacy: to receive all kinds of health services in an environment appropriate to privacy,
- Consent and consent: to obtain consent in medical interventions and to make use of services within the framework of consent,
- Refusal and stopping: to refuse treatment or to ask to be stopped,
- Safety: to receive health care in a safe environment,
- To fulfill the religious obligations: to fulfill the religious obligations within the scope of the measures taken by the administration and within the scope of the facilities of the organization,
- Respectability: to receive health care with respect, care and care, with a friendly, kind, compassionate approach,
- Comfort: to receive health care in an environment where all hygienic conditions are provided and all noise and disturbing factors are eliminated,
- Visit: to accept visitors in accordance with the procedures and principles determined by the institutions and organizations,
- Chaperone possession: to request to have chaperone in accordance with the legislation, health institutions and organizations ' facilities and if the physician deems appropriate,
- Right of application, complaint and lawsuit: to exercise all kinds of application, complaint and lawsuit rights within the framework of legislation in case of violation of Rights,
- Continuous service: to benefit from health services as long as necessary,
- Statement of opinion: he has the right to express his thoughts about the services provided.