Purpose and Objectives
24 Haziran 2020


- To be the preferred hospital in our region by providing reliable and easily accessible health services

- To increase the satisfaction of our patients and employees

- To serve in accordance with laws and ethical principles while fulfilling responsibilities

- Hospital infrastructure and equipment deficiencies to eliminate and ensure continuity

- To increase the quality of service by raising the qualifications of our employees

- To use education and research methods based on the latest medical and technological knowledge by contributing to employment policy, economic and Social Development at national level.


- Physical, spiritual and Social like v.providing easier access to appropriate health services for people with special needs due to s requirements

- To determine the needs of our patients and employees according to their opinions and suggestions

- To act in accordance with institutional legislation and regulations

- To provide quality and continuous health service by minimizing hospital infrastructure deficiencies

- To employ our employees in appropriate departments according to their abilities through in-service training and certification

- To provide all necessary equipment to facilitate the service and to provide better quality service within the context of the need

- To ensure effective, efficient, economic use and sustainability of resources