Our Services
25 Haziran 2020

Services are provided in the clinical, outpatient, Nutrition, Diabetes school and kitchen areas.

Clinical and treatment dietician: patients in all clinics are visited and nutrition planning is carried out according to the diet requested by the doctor. Patients are given an education and nutrition program about the diet they will apply while in hospital and after discharge. In Pediatric Endocrine and adult endocrine clinics, diabetic patients are trained to count carbohydrates and are monitored periodically. In the General Surgery Clinic of our hospital, bariatric surgery is performed. This type of patient is informed before surgery, after surgery nutrition programs and follow-up is done by the service dietitian.

Polyclinic Dietitian: the diet Polyclinic serves adult and child patients. The patients who are referred to the outpatient clinic by the doctor are prepared according to their dietary and nutritional needs. Follow-up patients are informed about.

Nutrition dietitian: a dietitian works in the nutrition team of our hospital. Intensive care units are visited regularly and enteral and parenteral nutrition programs are prepared for patients who need nutrition support according to consultations from clinics.

School diabetes: diabetes is a dietician at the school of our hospital. Education is provided to adult diabetic patients at regular intervals.

Kitchen dietician: the dietician in charge of the kitchen plans the monthly normal food and diet food menus. It is involved in the stages of controlling, preparing, cooking and serving all kinds of food and beverage materials taken to the kitchen.