Companion Rules
24 Haziran 2020

- The need for a companion is decided by the patient's doctor.
- In order to remove the accompanying card to the patient near the service, the accompanying approval form is filled out, after being signed and stamped by the doctor, the seal of approval is made from the Chief Physician, and it is directed to the teller. A companion card is given to the patient by the teller.
- Chaperones are required to wear their cards visibly on them as long as they are present as chaperones in our hospital. The companion card is not used by anyone else.
- The escort card is checked by security guards in and out.
- The change of companion is made after 10: 30 when the service rounds are over.Service nurses will be notified of the companion changes.
- The companion is given breakfast, lunch and dinner without paying a separate fee by showing the companion cards.
- Male chaperone cannot remain in patient rooms with female patients for the privacy of our patients.
- No chaperones in the ICU.
- Chaperones shall not take their patients out of service or change their beds, except at the request of the physician or nurse concerned.
- Escorts shall not bring food or drink to the patient, and shall not give any food or drink to the patient without consulting the physician or nurse.
- Chaperones cannot perform any application to the patient without the knowledge of the physician and nurse.
- Chaperones must follow Hospital rules. In case of violation, the accompanying status of the person concerned will not be accepted.
- Chaperones must keep the articles and materials of the hospital tidy and clean. The companion who damages the property of the hospital is obliged to cover the damage.
- Escorts cannot use tobacco, cigarettes and alcoholic substances in the hospital.
- Chaperones should inform the nurse when there is any problem with their patients.
- Chaperones, when necessary (during rounds, when the patient will be intervened, etc.)) they must leave the patient rooms.
- Chaperones are required to hand over their companion cards in case their patients are discharged.
- In order to provide you with a peaceful environment, patients and their relatives are expected not to speak loudly in the patient room and service corridors, and not to disturb employees and other patients. In addition, the televisions in your rooms should be used in a way that does not disturb others; they should be turned off during doctor's visits.

"These rules are meant to serve our patients better. We thank all patients, chaperones and visitors for showing the necessary sensitivity we wish you a healthy day with our wishes to get past"