Right To Choose Physicians
24 Haziran 2020

What Is The Right To Choose A Physician?

The right to choose a physician can be expressed in the form of selecting and replacing the health worker, which is the most basic patient right, and playing a participatory role in their diagnosis and treatment.
The right to choose a physician is included in national and international texts as follows::
'The patient has the right to freely choose his physician.'’Lisbon Declaration 1981),
'Patients have the right to choose and replace their physicians or other medical staff and health institutions, in line with the functioning of the health system.’ (Amsterdam Declaration 28-30 March 1994 ),
'The patient has the right to freely choose and change his or her physician and hospital or health care institutions, regardless of whether he or she is in the private or government sector. The patient has the right to receive the opinion of another physician at any stage.'(Bali Declaration September 1995),
‘Every individual with sufficient knowledge has the right to choose between different treatment procedures (methods) and the people who will give the treatment. The patient has the right to decide which method of diagnosis and treatment to use and the choice of doctor, specialist or hospital. Health services should ensure that this right can be exercised by providing information about the results obtained with various centres (health institutions) and doctors who will administer this treatment. All obstacles restricting the use of this right must be removed. A person who does not trust his or her doctor may request(choose) another doctor.'(European Statute On Patient Rights (Articles Of Association) Basic Document Rome, November 2002),
'The procedures and rules applied in the health institutions to be protected, the patient; medical doctor and dental doctor freely chooses.’ (1960, Article 5 of the statute of medical deontology).
The patient has the right to freely choose the personnel who will provide him with health care, to change the medical doctor who is interested in his treatment, and to ask for the consultation of other doctors, provided that the procedures determined by the legislation are obeyed.'(1998, Patient Rights Regulation article 9),
'Inpatient treatment institutions, every available clinician specialist to provide outpatient services by making arrangements for patients to choose a physician is provided.'(2005, article 8 of the inpatient treatment Enterprise regulations)
‘If every patient is in compliance with the health system and the competent physician considers it appropriate, he or she should have the right to change the person and organization that provides health care to him or her.'(Patient rights and responsibilities TS-12222-April 1997)
'The patient is free to choose his physician according to the rules set by the legislation, the characteristics of the medical practice and the conditions of the institution.'(Regulation on professional ethics of Medicine article 22)
As can be seen in national and international texts, the right to choose physicians is clearly and clearly revealed.

In order to use this right, the number of Polyclinic rooms in our hospital has been increased and the arrangement for each clinician specialist to provide Polyclinic services has enabled patients to choose physicians.
In addition, by the Ministry of Health Services of 17 October 2007 dated and 9379 numbered Authority with the consent of ‘Health Care Provision of Polyclinic services to allow patients to choose and change physicians to be arranged in a way
About the directive ' posted. Hence 5 of this directive. It is aimed to realize the clauses in the article.

Article 5 - (1))
In the provision of outpatient services;
a) in order to ensure that the right to choose and change the physician, which is one of the basic patient rights, which will provide health services to the patient, is exercised, allowing the patient to choose a physician in the institutions.,
b) by providing an outpatient room to each physician, increasing the number of outpatient rooms, preventing the accumulation of certain hours and reducing patient waiting times,
C) ensuring that patients choose the physician with whom they can best cooperate and communicate in the provision of Health Services,
D) to ensure that patients can be examined by the same physician every time they come to the health institution.,
d) to ensure that the patient is under the control of the same physician from the first admission to the health institution in accordance with his / her request,
e) ensuring the right to change the physician at any stage of the patient's treatment at the inpatient institution,
f) to standardize physician selection practices in health care provision and to ensure unity in practice,
G) to give information about the identities, duties and titles of the physicians who provide or give health services to the patient upon request within the scope of the right to elect and change physicians,
I) to observe the benefit of the patient in all arrangements, to inform the patients by providing the necessary counseling services and to make applications to facilitate the communication between the personnel and the patient,
it's essential.

In this context, in order for patients to be able to choose their physicians in our hospital, Dr. The physician work schedule is also organized.