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25 Haziran 2020

Law No. 5378 on Disabled Persons

Validity of existing documents provisional Article 5-(Annex: 25/4/2013-6462/2 md.(B) the rights and benefits of persons with disabilities that they have received in accordance with the relevant legislation prior to the date of entry into force of this article shall continue to be applied in the same manner within the validity period of the previous reports, provided that other conditions other than the Health Board report shall be maintained and that these rights and In addition, documents, ID cards and similar documents containing similar phrases describing disabled, disabled, bruised or mental or physical disabilities, which have been issued up to the date of publication of this article for the determination of disability status or for the provision of facilities or rights to themselves or their relatives due to their disability, in accordance with the relevant legislation of persons with disabilities,

Regulation on disability criteria, classification and Health reports to be given to disabled people.

Acquired rights Article 18 - (1) before the date of entry into force of this regulation; disability rates, labour loss rates, body loss of function rates and whole body loss rates determined by Health Board reports for disabled persons are valid and the disability health board report is not issued again in order to maintain social support and assistance services provided on the basis of these

(2) however, in case a new report is requested in accordance with the re-referral process or for any reason in relation to the reports given in the period, the rates of apology shall be re-determined according to the provisions of this regulation.

Note: however, despite these provisions, institutions and organizations require reporting from individuals with disabilities again. In case of receiving a new report, if there are any reports that are not completed or continuous, they should apply to the Provincial Directorate of Health in the province where they are located and object to the existing reports. The Provincial Directorate of Health shall make a referral to a hospital it deems appropriate, not the hospital where the report was received. If the results are the same, the decision is final. However, if the result is different, the provincial Health Directorate will refer an arbitrator to the hospital. The decision made by the referee hospital is final.


Tax relief, disability procedures of a disabled child, the right to early retirement for mothers with severely disabled children, and other transactions, the wet signed “as original’ photocopy approved by the hospital chief physician from which the report was received is valid instead of the original of the disability health report.

However, the original disability report is required in retirement transactions. For this reason, please state that you want to receive more than one report original, knowing that you will need it in the petition issued for the removal of the disability health report. The basis of this request is the regulation on disability criteria, classification and Health reports for disabled people.

In applications, when you present the original and photocopy of the report to the officials, the official must see the original of the report and mark it as “as original” on the photocopy. The provision for this is:

Regulation on procedures and principles to be followed in the provision of Public Services

Date: 31.07.2009 / Official Newspaper Number: 27305)

Measures for the disabled: Article 7 - (1) the administration shall take the necessary measures to ensure that the public services it provides are easily accessible to the disabled.

Article 8 - (1) the administration takes the following criteria into account in its arrangements regarding the information and documents requested from the applicant while performing the services: :

a) Regulations shall be prepared as a basis for declaration.

d) the information and documents contained within the administration as required by its duties and documents that have been taken from the applicant before and transferred to the records of the institution and declared by the applicant that it has not changed are not requested again.

d) if the original of the requested document is brought, a copy of the document shall be certified by the relevant officer by writing the name and title after its authenticity has been checked.

e) information and documents filed by other administrations for sharing in electronic environment are not requested from the applicant. However, you may be asked for information necessary for easy access to this information and documents.


Need for care: the definition of ‘need for care’ in the law on Disabled Persons No. 5378 has been removed from the text of this law with the law No. 6518 adopted on February 19, 2014.

Severe disability: the definition of severe disability in the regulation on disability criteria, classification and Health Board reports to be given to Disabled Persons is as follows: persons determined by the disability health board to be unable to carry out daily living activities from those determined to have a disability rate of 50% and above according to disability status.

According to the regulation, the severe disability section must be marked ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Accordingly, the fact that the person's disability rate is over 50% does not indicate that the person is severely disabled. If the “severely disabled” section in the relevant section of the disability health board report is marked yes, the person will be understood to be severely disabled and in need of care.

As taken out of the text of the law on the need for care, disability criteria, classification and Health Board reports to be given to disabled people are not required to be included in the disability health report in accordance with the regulation. The removal of the definition of need for care has caused concept confusion in many institutions.

Institutions have removed the complexity of the concept by asking for the expression of severe disability rather than the need for care in the report.

18 April 2014 general health insurance registration, Premium and Obscenity procedures regulation;’ medically needy persons: disability criteria, classification and Health Board reports to be given to Disabled Persons within the scope of the regulation, authorized health organizations authorized to report to the disabled health board, refers to persons who are severely disabled with the report of the disabled health board " is included in the As can be understood from here; in cases of need for care, the phrase ‘severely disabled’ should be included in the health report.

Social Services Law (Law No. 2828) "Disabled who need care"; the official report of the board of Health is severely impaired by disability classification with the certified ones of everyday life, habitual, repetitive significantly fails to fulfil the requirements will not survive without the help and care of your life because someone else refers to people who are keen to a degree.


With the law on Torba published in the Official Gazette (10 February 2016/ law No. 6663); for mothers with disabled children, the right to work part-time for 12 months is introduced, provided that they have not exceeded 12 months after birth. This part-time work is on full pay. Regardless of the disability rate of the child with disabilities, whether he or she has severe/ minor disabilities or income level, any mother who wishes to have this right may use it.

On the other hand, part-time work (in exchange for half of the salary and personal rights) is required until the child's primary education age. Accordingly, the mother with a disabled child will be able to work part-time on a full salary for 12 months (without using the right to milk leave), while she will be able to work part-time on a half-salary until the primary school age at the end of 12 months. These provisions were extended to 657 for officers (104. Added to article), to 4857 for workers (74. Added to the substance) is processed. No implementation regulations have been issued yet.


Application to the Provincial Directorate of Social Policies (formerly the Provincial Directorate of Social Services) with copies, 2 Pictures and identification as the original disability report.

For the severely disabled, the disabled ID card has the phrase” accompanied".


While those with disabilities of 40% and above do not work in any insurance arm, it is for those under £ 483.6 per person when the entire household income is divided per person. This amount is calculated as one-third of the minimum wage for each increase in the minimum wage.

Applications are made to the social assistance and Solidarity Foundation.

For the vehicles with excise duty exemption (disabled vehicle) owned, the evaluation made by the Foundation is important. The amounts determined from the RAIC/Casco charges of other vehicles, land or other immovable property are included in the monthly income.

If the dwelling house is a rent, the equivalent rental price of this house is deducted from the income. No other expense is deducted from income.

If the family's expense is more than income, this amount is written as the household's income.

Disability salaries under law 2022 are as follows::

1) disability pension over the age of eighteen (for those with a disability rate of 70% and above)

2) disability pension over the age of eighteen (for those whose disability rate is between 40% and 69 %)

3) disability relative salary under the age of eighteen (this salary is not tied if the parents of the disabled child are working in an insured job). See: act 2022

In the disability pension application, the foundation may be asked to write the phrase “social assistance’ in the Disability Report. For this reason, it is useful to print “social assistance” and “disability salary” on the back of the report for the purposes of use.

You can give your disability report as originally approved (wet signed by the hospital chief medical officer for which you receive a report). You do not need to provide the original report.


Conditions To Benefit From The Pension Of The Needy

* Needy children with no mother or father and needy children with disabilities of 40% or more;

* Lack of Social Security,

* No income or pension,

* Not taken under care by court order or law,

* Income generating movable and immovable property does not exist or whether the average monthly income to be obtained from them does not exceed the amount of the needy pension determined by this regulation, in case the needy pension is connected.

Application: the needy pension is applied with the application form and the disability health board report. Applications can be made directly to the regional directorates of foundations, via mail, as well as through the web site.

No salary is attached to more than one person in a household. In 2018, each of the needy disabled and orphaned children is paid £ 679.64 per month.

For detailed information, please refer to the "foundations regulation" published in the Official Gazette dated 27.09.2008 and numbered 27010.


The following are the requirements for the Home Care salary to be tied up::

1. Writing “severely disabled” in the disability health report.

2. When all household incomes are collected and divided by the number of people in the household, monthly income per person must be less than 967 liras (two-thirds of the minimum wage).

3. Social services authorities need to report that a disabled person needs care.

The salary is paid monthly. The maintenance salary for the second 6 months of 2018 is £ 1,179.40.

Applications are made to the Provincial/District Directorates of social policies of the Ministry of family, labour and Social Services (formerly the Provincial Directorate of social services).

The vehicle, house or land owned by the maintenance salary is not included in the income, but if income is provided from them, it is included in the income. In addition, since how these goods are received is important in terms of neediness, the purchase of houses, cars or other goods taken after the maintenance salary is connected must be reported to the Provincial Directorate of social policies. They may ask for payment information and your income account may be reinstated accordingly.

If there is more than one person with severe disabilities in the same household, each person with a disability after one is counted as two persons with disabilities. Changes in the residence address of the disabled person in need of care, increase in household income, change in the number of people living in the household are mandatory notifications. A relative may provide care to a disabled person in need of care or to two disabled people in need of care who live in the same household as the individuals with dependents. In this case, two separate salaries will be taken.

Forgiveness of past debts is by law. Law No. 6770, which came into force on 27 January 2017, has granted amnesty to past debts of Home Care salary in the following terms::

The following provisional article was added to the Social Services Act No. 2828 of 24/5/1983.

Provisional Article 15-excluding payments made due to the use of non-Fair documents and Health Board reports, amounts paid and undue and undue in accordance with the annex 7 of this law until the date of entry into force of this article and interest arising from them shall be excluded. In respect of the amounts collected in this context prior to the date of entry into force of this article, there is no right to claim in favor of the persons concerned and the collections made will not be refunded. In cases that have been opened, the cost of trial and the power of attorney shall not be charged.”

It is a right granted to mothers with severely disabled children after October 1, 2008. The SSI's decision is important, given the date the child's severe disability report was received. The period is added to the period worked at a rate of one-fourth of the time worked. This period is reduced from the remaining period of retirement.

See: Law No. 5510 28. Substance.

Application; work certificate, Disability Report is like the original photocopy,child and mother's identity photocopies and petition is made to SGK.

We are also working to give early retirement rights to fathers with severely disabled children.


Those with disabilities who are 40% of themselves and over,

Dependents spouse, child, parents disabled employees (including freelancers and optional employees).

They apply to the Provincial/District tax offices and receive the right of tax rebate.

This right cannot be exercised during the retirement process. However, during retirement, self-employed people benefit from this right. Those who use the right to income tax relief because of their disabled relatives, when their disabled relatives start working, must notify the relevant tax office to “pass this right on to the working individual’.

In the change of work place, it must be ensured that the tax deduction will be sent to the finance branch of the new work place by applying to the tax office together with the work certificate to be taken from the new work place. Otherwise, there will be no transition to a new job. Only the petition and the work certificate will suffice in the application.

Application: work certificate taken from the work place, insurance certificate for workers, petition (you can write when you go to the application), Disability Report is like the original copy (the report received by the hospital chief medical officer approved with wet signature), identity copy, two pictures are made. The application is made to the Tax Office. Disability health reports are examined by the Health Board of the Ministry of Finance. After the review, the result comes to the working person's place of work.

Four ways a result can come from the Tax Office:

The first is the approval of the tax cut. The discount shall be effective from the date specified in the approval document.

Second, the Tax Office may request new audits for your disability. These audits are done and the original results are sent to the Tax Office.

Third, the Tax Office may request that the Disability Report be renewed. Since the Disability Report is valid within the period of time, an appeal application must be made to the Provincial Directorate of Health for the renewal of the report in order to obtain a new report. The Provincial Directorate of health refers the person to a hospital. If the result of the report from here is the same as the first report, the result is finalized and this report is sent to the Tax Office for examination. If the result is different from the first report, the referee should review the hospital as required by the regulation. The decision of the referee hospital is final. The report received is sent to the examination of the Tax Office.

The fourth is that the obstacle rate should be reduced to below 40%, meaning that the result is negative with the phrase “cannot benefit from tax reduction”. In both cases the result can be contested within 30 days from the date of notification. The motion is based on acceptance or rejection of the objection.

The fact that the Tax Office has reduced the disability rate below 40% does not mean that the person's disability status has disappeared. This result simply indicates that the person cannot benefit from the tax break. The person enjoys all other rights. In cases where the Tax Office wants a new disability report, it is important to note that the disability rate is reduced due to the change of the disability measurement chart in the new assessment. If the new disability report falls below 40%, the person loses all disability rights. For this reason, it is recommended that the person should not do the health board procedures if the disability rate is to fall. It would be more appropriate for these people to choose not to exercise their right to tax deductions. However, it should not be forgotten that employees in the staff who entered work before 1 October 2008 cannot benefit from the right to early retirement with disabilities. This requirement does not apply to other employees.

Excise duty exemption will be applied for vehicles which will amount up to 200 thousand pounds including all taxes. The engine volume limit has been lifted.

Those who report using a specially equipped vehicle (provided that the obstacle rate is below 90% and they have the orthopedic obstacle included in the communiqué) and the persons with disabilities whose obstacle rate is 90% and above benefit from this right.

In the case of disability health board reports, the procedure must have been done before the end of 6 months.

In which case, for the purchase of a vehicle and special equipment requirements, SEE: Special Consumption Tax (II) dated April 18, 2015 list General communiqué on implementation of the excise duty exemption and MTV exemption rights are also available within the period of the report.

Operations are made with the reports received after 06.06.2002, which is the effective date of the SCT law. See: excise duty law.

The disabled person can use the vehicle themselves if there is no special equipment in the vehicle for the use of stretchers or wheelchairs (if they have a driver's license) and the disabled person has 90% or more of the disabled vehicle. However, if special equipment for wheelchair access (ramp, elevator) has been made in the vehicle, the disabled person cannot use this vehicle himself.

If the rate of disability in the report falls after the purchase of the vehicle with excise duty exception taken on behalf of disabled relatives, the vehicle will continue to be used without payment of excise duty. However, since the MTV exemption will disappear when the obstacle rate falls below 90%, notification must be made to the Tax Office. See: Motor Vehicles Tax Law there is no VAT discount on vehicle purchase.


For those with disabilities of 40% and above, there is an exemption for houses not exceeding 200 square meters, provided that the ownership of the house is itself. Land ownership is not covered by the exemption. In the settlement where the house is located, the relevant parts of the municipalities should be applied.

Article 8 of Property Tax Law No. 1319: "the Council of Ministers is authorized to reduce the tax rates of these dwellings to zero in case of those who certify that they have no income, except those who have not reached the age of eighteen, whose income consists exclusively of the pension they receive from the social security institutions established by law, veterans, disabled, widows and orphans This provision shall also apply to the portion of the shares of those mentioned above if they are owned by a single resident share. This provision does not apply to the dwellings used for resting time”.

Being a disabled family is not covered by the tax exemption. The House must be on the disabled person.


These officers who are subsequently disabled and submit the disability health board report to their institutions must be registered immediately by their institutions to the “DPB e-application” on the website of the State Personnel Directorate. Those who do not take the necessary actions for the employee who reports the disability health report to the institution for any reason, hold the notification to the DPB and prevent the employee from exercising his or her rights to be disabled should know that they are discriminating on the basis of disability.

Contract workers should be aware that when they receive a disability report, no contract termination can be made by disability-related employers.


For the disabled child who is required to receive special education by the Disability Report (provided that the disability rate is at least 20%), special education opportunities are available as a result of the evaluation of the guidance Research Centers.


October August 2015, the implementation of educational support for disabled children of TSK personnel receiving special education in TSK Elele Foundation Schools (GATA, Güvercinlik, Diyarbakır) was started, but this assistance was terminated as of August 2016.

There is also the practice of providing educational support to the children of the personnel working in the General Directorate of security who receive special education. Ask your institution about this. Education benefits of those who are issued with KHK are cut off.


Education is based on the provision of education services at home to individuals who need special education at the age of compulsory education and who cannot directly benefit from formal education institutions that implement any of the pre-school, primary or special education programs due to health problems. Information can be obtained from the RAM for the education of disabled children.


The examination was held on 24 April 2016. The results of this exam and subsequent examinations are valid for 4 years. If the individual wants to take the exam every 2 years, the highest score is valid.

In terms of physical, mental, mental, sensory and social abilities, those who certify that the disability rate is 40% or more and that they are able to work in accordance with the provisions of the legislation with the Health Board report shall be entitled to take exams or exams.

An individual may take the examination from the highest level of education from which he graduated.

The next exam and draw period is in April 2018. High school, associate degree and undergraduate graduates will be able to take the exam. Applications are in February. Primary and secondary school graduates and special education practice and business school graduates will participate in the course. The applications for the draw are in May.


Get information from your administrative unit about the appointment and change of location regulations of the institution you work for.

Institutions regulate their own regulations for disabled and disabled employees. Active personnel working in the TSK who have children receiving special training no longer have to receive a report for assignment. Instead, they will be able to use the “special training health reports’ and RAM reports they receive from the military hospital or any hospital outside the military hospital for assignment purposes by sending them to the assignment branches of the forces to which they are affiliated.

Civil Servants Act 72.Article (February 2014) “will be given in accordance with the relevant legislation, according to the report, his wife or first-degree family members who have dependents blood in specific situations to meet the demands for displacement resulting from the Disability Officer disability arrangements will be made.”

Amendment to the regulation on the appointment of civil servants by replacement (dated 16.08.2014) (only relevant provisions are cited)

Article 12-in case of certification of Health, Family Unity and life safety excuses, the officer may be appointed by relocation upon request before the completion of the compulsory work periods in the service zones and/or service areas. The officer, who is subject to relocation based on health and family union excuses, has to certify that his alibi continues with the document he will receive in January each year. The officer who has not completed the compulsory work period on the basis of the health or family union excuse has to complete the missing part of the mandatory service period if the excuse expires. Appointments with relocation based on health and life safety excuses are not subject to appointment period."

Article 3-Article 13 of the same regulation has been amended as follows along with its title.

"Change Of Location Due To Health Excuse

Article 13-in order for the officer to request a replacement on the basis of the health excuse, he, his wife, mother, father, children of his dependents and his brother, to whom he is appointed a guardian by judicial decision, must certify with the report of the health board to be obtained from the education and research hospital or university hospital that the

In the case of a change of place based on the health excuse, the officer may be assigned to another service area within the same service area, and in case the excuse cannot be met in this way, to a service area where the excuse can be met and needed by the institution in another service area.

Change Of Place Due To Disability Status:

Additional Article 3-according to the relevant legislation, officers with at least forty percent disabilities and first degree blood relatives with a severely disabled wife or dependents may request relocation based on the grounds of disability. The demands in this scope shall be met by taking into account the staff facilities and organizational structures of the institutions without being subject to the restrictive provisions contained in this regulation and this right shall not be exercised more than once.

If the officer requests a change of place due to the treatment of the disability situation of himself or his wife and children with whom he lives, it is essential that the place to be appointed by the replacement shall be in accordance with the disability status of the officer and his relatives under this paragraph.

As long as the disability status continues, the officer will not be moved against his / her wishes by the institutions. Other provisions in this regulation apply to officers whose disability status is eliminated.

Note: ask if you have an assignment and relocation regulation for the institution you work for. If there is no regulation of your institution, the provisions of the above regulation apply. The regulation for the officers in charge of the TSK was published in the official gazette on 12 June 2015 (to be the same as the above provisions)with the same provisions as above.

Note: the execution of the phrase’ one-off " has been stopped by the Council of state. Council of State 16. His office has stopped the execution of the “more than once” provision in the regulation on Decision No.2015/10808 and the appeal made by the Prime Minister's Office on the suspension of the execution by the Council of State Administrative Litigation offices was rejected by The Decision No. 2015/1435 dated 21/01/2016.

There are opinions that this decision does not cover the officers working in the TSK. Because the annulment decision of the State Council is for the ‘one-off’ statement in the regulation on the appointment and replacement of civil servants. Civil servants serving in the TSK are subject to the regulation of appointment and change of location of civil servants serving in the MSB, Gen, Kur and force commands.

For those who work in the Turkish armed forces, all laws, regulations and guidelines have abolished the soldier hospital requirement. Disability health report can be obtained from all hospitals authorized to report by the Ministry of Health.


Civil servants with disabilities are not required to obtain a tax rebate certificate for the disabled officer to exercise his right to early retirement (before and after October 1, 2008).

The salary that is tied up at the end of early retirement for disabled people is the old age salary. When applying for retirement to SSI, disability health report is made with the original.

40% or more disabled officers who enter work before 1 October 2008 are eligible for early retirement in 15 years, subject to the Pension Fund Law No. 5434. According to the law No. 5434 1 October 2008 before the legal definition of the disabled quota starting to work with the civil servants and disabled staff before becoming officers 40 percent and more rate report those who are 15 years, that is, 5400 days to retire and will continue to be.

Disabled officers who enter work after October 1, 2008: they are subject to social insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510. Accordingly, loss of working Power; 25.according to the second paragraph of the article, the insured who has a disease or disability to require to be considered disabled and therefore cannot benefit from the Disability Pension, shall be insured for at least fifteen years and at least 3960 days Disability, old age and death insurance premium shall be provided.

Accordingly, before entering the business;

Those with 60% or more disabilities and those who are found to have 60% or more disabilities before entering work, even though they have not been notified, cannot receive disability pension entitlements.

When entering work; between 50% and 59% of insured persons who are understood to be disabled have been insured for at least 16 years and 4320 days,

The insured who is understood to be between 40% and 49% shall be entitled to the old age pension without seeking the age conditions in Paragraph (A) of the second paragraph, provided that they have been insured for at least 18 years and provided that the premium for disability, old age and death insurance has been declared for 4680 days. These are 94.they may be subjected to a control examination according to the provisions of the article.

You know, after you get a job, you know, with disabilities.;

a) those with a loss of working power of 60% and above will retire on disability on the condition that a premium is paid for 10 years /1800 working days. However, for those who are disabled in need of someone else's care, they retire with the condition of being paid a premium of 1800 working days without a requirement of 10 years.

b) those with a working power loss rate between 50% -59% at least 16 years 5760 premium days

c) those with a working power loss rate between 40% and 49% can retire at least 18 years with 6480 premium days.

Employees in the staff of workers with disabilities according to the Employment Law disabled people who work early retirement period according to the date of entry and according to the rates of disability varies. In order to benefit from the disability early retirement right of SSK employee who entered into work before October 1, 2008, it is obligatory that he / she received income tax deduction certificate.
Early retirement arrangement for Bağ-Kur according to the Law No. 5510 Disabled Persons with a disability rate of 40% and above can use their early retirement rights both by working and by paying optional insurance premium.

The disabled people who had a Bağ-Kurlu before 1 October 2008 were not granted early retirement, while the disabled people who had a Bağ-Kurlu were granted early retirement after this date. Bağ-Kurlu disabled employees are not required to obtain early retirement tax relief certificate.

The rate of loss in the Working Power of bond-exchange holders and the periods required for retirement:

Those with 60% or more have 15 years, 3,960 days

Those between 50% and 59% have 16 years, 4,320 days

Those between 40% and 49% receive a pension in 4,680 days.

Those with a working power loss rate of 60% and above will retire on disability on the condition that a 10 year /1800 working day premium is paid. However, for those who are disabled in need of someone else's care, they retire with the condition of being paid a premium of 1800 working days without a requirement of 10 years.

Those with 60% or more disabilities and those who are found to have 60% or more disabilities before entering work, even though they have not been notified, cannot receive disability pension entitlements.

Accordingly, those who are determined by the Health Board of the SGK to have at least 60% loss of working power after entering work shall retire on disability. I would like to specifically state that the “rate of loss of working power” is required for disability retirement. The disability rate included in the disability health report is different.

The person informs the SGK that he is disabled and makes an application to retire on disability. SSI, if the person has a report of the disease in his hands, either examines them or makes an assessment by asking the person to receive a report again. In the application, the person has to give the results of all Examinations, epicrisis and reports related to his / her illness to the SGK. If the SSI does not make a disability decision about the person, the person may appeal the result and ask for review again. There is no time limit for appeal. As a result of the appeal, SSI high Health Board conducts a review and a decision is made.


Determination of daily working hours: article 100-the starting and ending hours of the daily work and the lunch rest period shall be determined by the governors of the provinces by the Council of Ministers upon the proposal of the Prime Ministry State Personnel presidency in the center according to the characteristics of the regions and the service.

(Additional paragraph: 13.02.2011-6111/104 md.) However, for the disabled, the starting and ending Times of daily work and lunch rest periods can be determined differently by the head of the center and the administrative officers in the country by taking into consideration the disability status, service requirements, climate and transportation conditions.

May 3 December and May 10 in accordance with the above Circular, the officers working in the TSK with adverse weather conditions in the days of the governorates are to be considered on administrative leave, walking impaired, night blindness, low-vision, winter time application for the visually impaired on the days of working hours will be arranged.(Gen. Setup. Dir. January 2015 Thu Thu: 26702250-1360-14 / Thu.Iş worker Şb) determination of working hours and procedures in services that are continuous 24 hours a day: Article 101 – (changed: 132/2011-6111/105 md.) Working hours and forms of civil servants working in services that are continuous at twenty-four hours of the day are regulated by their institutions.

Disabled officers cannot be assigned night duty and night shift duty without their request. See article 382 of the TSK Internal Service Regulation (i).)

Note: since there is no definition of night shift in the law on civil servants, the opinion of the head of State personnel must be evaluated. Accordingly, it has been deemed appropriate not to employ disabled officers during hours other than the defined working hours. This view binds all public personnel.


This right benefits civil servants, active personnel and those employed in accordance with the principles of employment of contracted personnel in the public sector.

The fact that your child, spouse or relatives mentioned in the regulation have a disability health report or have a disability does not give you the right to request a companion permit alone. A separate report by the doctor is required for a leave of absence.

If a parent, father, wife and children and one of their siblings have a serious accident or have a long-term illness, the person's rights are protected and allowed for up to three months, provided that these conditions are documented by the Health Board report. This period is extended to a multiple when needed.

The maximum leave to be taken according to the same person's illness is 6 months during the civil service life. If necessary conditions have been established in another person's illness or in different diseases of the same person, the accompanying permission can be used again with the doctor's report.

When the above cases occur in the report with the decision of the doctor, ‘the accompanying care needs, if not accompanied life is in danger and the duration of the escort, if necessary, other characteristics of the companion is written on the day of the health report begins.

If the health report on the escort permit is appropriate for employees in the TSK, an article was published stating that the permit should start on the day of the health report (Gen. Setup. Dir. Thu January 2015 Thu: 26702250-1360-14 / Thu.Iş işlem Şb).

The regulations related to the permission to accompany the Law No. 657 (Article 105), No. 926 (Article 126) were entered into law. As in the above statement, the duration of the escort permit for officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and specialist soldiers is 6 months. Upon their request following the expiration of this period, they may also be granted an unpaid leave of absence for up to six months.

Periods spent on non-monthly leave are not counted as compulsory service period. Escort permits issued to reserve officers do not count from military service.


T.C. 3 of the circular (2002/58) issued by the General Directorate of Personnel and principles of the prime ministry on 03 December 2002.December 3 May 10-16, the first day of Disabled People's week, which is accepted at national level, and the World disabled people's day, all disabled people who work in public with the members of the Board of Directors of the Confederation, affiliated federations and associations, who are public officials, will be deemed to be on administrative leave. If schools are vacated by the governorates due to adverse weather conditions, the disabled public officials in the same area will also be placed on administrative leave for the specified period of vacation without requiring any instruction or request. ’ There are statements.

Workers working in the TSK can also use these permits. May 3 December and May 10, the disabled officers working in the TSK, also due to adverse weather conditions in the days of vacation by the governor's office, also without the need for an instruction determined by the administrative leave of the holiday period will be considered in the article published by the relevant institution (Gen. Setup. Dir. Thu January 2015 Thu: 26702250-1360-14 / Thu.Iş işlem Şb).

Article 4-D) it is essential to ensure accessibility for Disabled Persons to live independently and to ensure their full and effective participation in society.

Article 7-compliance with accessibility standards is ensured in planning, design, construction, manufacturing, licensing and inspection processes in order to ensure accessibility of disabled people in the Built Environment. Private and public transport systems with nine or more seats except for the driver's seat of private and public transport must be appropriate for the accessibility of disabled people. Information services and information and communication technology are made accessible to disabled people.

Article 14-necessary measures shall be taken for the sustainable employment of Persons with disabilities in the labour market and in the working environment, including the development of guidance and professional counselling services for establishing their own business. No discrimination on the basis of disability shall be made in respect of employment, including application for employment, recruitment, recommended working times and conditions, continuity of employment, career development, and healthy and safe working conditions.

Employees cannot be treated differently from others because of their disability, with consequences against the disabled. A job applicant or employee with disabilities to eliminate the barriers and difficulties that they may experience in the process of employing disabled people reasonable adjustments in the employment of measures and in this regard the duties, powers, and responsibilities of agencies and organizations must be made by employers.

Provisional Article 2.- Public institutions and the formal existing structures, all existing roads, sidewalk, crosswalk, open and Yesil areas, sports fields and the like in the fields of social and cultural infrastructure that serves the public and made by natural and legal persons and any structure on the accessibility of disabled people within eight years from the date this law enters into force are suitable for.

Provisional Article 3 - existing private and public public transport shall be made accessible to the disabled within eight years from the date of the entry into force of this law(July 2015).

(Appendix: 06.02.2014-6518/75 md.) Until 07.07.2018, real and legal persons carrying out service transportation are obliged to provide transportation service accessible to disabled personnel or students upon request.

Note: This is the provision that the personnel request will be taken into consideration without delay in providing services appropriate to the disability status of the disabled employee. However, in order for you to make this request, you must first provide staff service. If the institution does not provide service, your request may not be met.


There is no regulation for the disabled in the public housing laws and regulations. However, institutions make arrangements in their own lodging guidelines for disabled people and their employees with relatives with disabilities.

Turkish Armed Forces housing directive MSB / 319-2 (B))

I -) according to the severely disabled spouse and child living under the same roof as their dependents, parents and siblings (Guardian decision may be requested) for an additional 50 points are given.

Changes to the directive are being considered. Please ask your institution for information about this. There may have been changes to severe disability.

Housing regulation of the General Directorate of security: the amendment made on 09.11.2012 in the housing directive is as follows:Article 16: (F) according to the provisions of the regulation on disability criteria classification and Health Board reports to be given to disabled people, it is stipulated that each individual with a disability rate of 50% and above will be given +10 points and

University of Health Sciences Gulhane education and Research Hospital: an additional 50 points are given to those with severe disabilities in the distribution of Housing.


Disabled customers use all ATMs established domestically, without any additional costs or charges, to minimally question the balance of their account, withdraw money, deposit money, question credit card debt and pay credit card debt if information on disability status is available in the bank. The necessary infrastructure is provided for the execution of these transactions using both a debit card and a credit card.

ATMs suitable for the use of visually impaired customers have a voice menu function to provide information such as warnings, instructions, requested confirmation of customer input, and error messages displayed on the screen. The privacy of The Voice menu service at ATMs is provided. ATMs are offered with holistically accessible technology, such as a voice menu, headphone jack, or Phone handset. You are given the option to turn the ATM screen off before or at any stage of the transaction.

Services in the branch are provided to disabled customers in a priority way.

Visually impaired customers may sign a contract after exercising their right to obtain information and review contracts related to banking services. In this context, a different application for disabled customers is not available without the request of the person.

The bank encourages branch staff to learn sign language. In the absence of sign language staff in the branch, the customer offers remote support with video to ensure agreement with the sign language.


According to the regulation amending the Road Traffic Regulation of 2011, the disabled mark on the license plates of vehicles with special equipment belonging to Disabled Persons and vehicles with special equipment registered on behalf of Disabled Persons with a degree of disability of 90% and above has been removed. ‘Disabled car parking card ‘ has been issued in order to enable these vehicles to use disabled parking spaces. Disabled vehicle parking card is issued by traffic registration authorities in provinces/districts. Since this card is issued in the name of the disabled person rather than the vehicle name, the disabled person will be able to use the disabled parking spaces for each vehicle he or she uses. For this reason, he must have his disabled parking card on the front of the vehicle in a visible way.

Address for those in Ankara: Kurtuluş traffic Registration Authority will be applied. In addition, according to the information received from Ankara traffic Registration Authority; the obstacle rate is 90% and over the SCT discount vehicles for those who have not received this card can be obtained from the relevant unit.

There is another point to be considered here. The right to use the disabled parking spaces are those vehicles that still have the disabled sign on their disabled plaques and have the disabled parking card. Disabled parking spaces cannot be used with the disabled ID card (received from Social Services District and provincial directorates of Social Policies). If it is determined that it has been used, it should be aware that it remains at the initiative of the detectorist and that it may also be punished for improper parking.


Those who have children with intellectual disabilities should apply to the provincial Magistrates Court with a disability health report showing the condition of the child. Guardianship proceedings are not subject to charges. Only stamps and files are paid. On the day of the case, the guardian must go to court with the person to be taken. In case of a custody decision request, a custody document may be used for the purchase and sale of vehicles or similar applications that you will make on behalf of your child, without the need for an additional court order. Buying and selling cars and other real estate in the child's name; a letter of purchase and sale will have to be taken from the court where the guardianship decision has been issued.

If your child is studying in high school, 2 years from the end of high school, 2 years after graduation for children studying in college, GSS premium will continue to receive health assistance from their parents without paying. The GSS premium for children who do not receive health benefits from their parents is paid by the state.

The boys of the officers who entered work before 2008 are considered insured until the age of 25. However, in some cases, SSI does not cover this period.

The regulation on the creation of the disabled database and the issuance of ID cards for Disabled Persons was published in the Official Gazette dated 19.07.2008 and numbered 26941 and entered into force. According to this regulation, disabled ID cards will be issued by provincial directorates of Social Services under the Ministry of family and Social Policies. The necessary documents for the removal of the disabled ID card are the original and photocopy of the Health Report, 2 Pictures, population paper and photocopy.


1-Antidecubite seating system: for veterans only.


Cordless wheelchair featured: only for veterans.

Standard cordless wheelchair: payable amount: 2,500, 00 TL

Active wheelchair: only for veterans. Amount to be paid: 3600 TL

Standard Manual Wheelchair: amount payable: 500.00 TL

Lightweight manual wheelchair: payable amount: 1,200, 00 TL

Paediatric wheelchair: amount to be paid: 1.200.00 TL

Bathroom toilet chair: amount to be paid: 750.00 TL

3-Patient diapers/Underpants patient diapers / diapers: disabled children start to receive cloth allowance if there is no toilet control since they reach the age of 2. Patient diapers are obtained from medical or pharmacies contracted with SGK.

Children under the age of 18 What should be done if using adult diapers: cloth for kids "report height, weight and/or measure your waist won't fit into diapers adult diapers to use since it is suitable for child due to" the statement must be written by the physician. Therefore, those under the age of 18 who have a diaper report must change their diaper report to include these statements in order to receive an adult diaper allowance.

Amount to be paid: one 70 cents + VAT for diapers, one 90 cents + VAT for adult diapers

4-Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation applications: see: health application communiqué

5-dental treatments: apart from private dental health centers, dental health centers and University Hospitals connected to the Ministry of Health are free of charge for individuals with disabilities. In order to understand whether the cost will be met by the SGK when referred to special units, it must be checked whether the Center for treatment has an agreement with the SGK. The person's need for prosthetics can be free with the physician's report. In the absence of teeth, if the physician finds it appropriate, the implant fee can be met (an implant cost of 90 lira, four pieces in the lower upper jaw).Refer: Health Practice Communiqué


Water discount: find out from the relevant unit whether your province/district municipality makes water discount for disabled people. If there is no discount, please request it. In order to benefit from water discount (50%) in Ankara, it is necessary to reach the age of 18. Homeowners, tenants and residents of the lodgings can get a water discount. Landlords and tenants are required to show the home's earthquake insurance certificate.

There are no discounts on electricity and natural gas.

Digitürk discount: Digitürk packages for disabled, veterans and martyr wives are 50% discount. Digiturk package on 50% discount campaign in order to benefit one of the following documents are required to certify their status of disabled people: Disabled Disabled ID card to their wallets with disabilities report 40 per cent and Population Health the population of those over processed and photocopy the rate of the pension, free travel card ( Veterans Identification Card, a martyr family free travel card, family travel card free of duty, the disabled) for information (212) 4737373 call

Türk Telekom social tariff: Türk Telekom social tariff is arranged for disabled people, veterans and relatives of martyrs. Disability Report and copy of population paper are required for application. An application must be made to the related Telecom Centre with a disabled person or with the decision of a guardian.

Social Security Institution (SGK) provided by the family of martyrs, veterans and veterans of the relatives of the home phone subscription or by our customers may be preferred. Physically disabled citizens under the age of 18 may benefit from this tariff with the permission of their parent/guardian.

According to the state of disability, our customers with a loss rate of 40% and above can benefit from those who submit a health board report/delegation report taken from full-fledged hospitals. Applications with “ID cards” allocated by institutions are acceptable.

This tariff can only be used for a registered telephone subscription. Subscription is only valid for customers who can prove their status with a document. People who are a natural guardian or a guardian by court order cannot benefit from the social tariff. Applications made with white card, Pass or similar cards issued by municipalities are not accepted.

TTNET and Fiber Internet: these services are 25% discount without age limit.

Disabled, veterans, martyr wives and first degree relatives of Disabled, Veterans and martyrs (mother, father or children) who have a disability rate of 40% or more can apply with the required documents, and relatives of Disabled, martyr and veterans can benefit from TTNET packages with you, which are offered exclusively to their customers.

To take advantage of this discount, you can call Türk Telekom 444 0375. The documents requested for the application are::

For disabled customers; for disabled customers T.C. ID card disabled customer's ID card or Health Board Report If T.C. If the ID card contains a statement indicating the rate of disability, there is no need for a disability ID card or a Health Board report. Applicant 1. if the degree is close, the nearest T.C. Birth Certificate

Gazi and Martyr relatives for the customers; Gazi and Martyr relatives belong to the customer T.C. ID card veterans and relatives of martyrs applying to the pension fund free card belonging to the client 1. if the degree is close, the nearest T.C. The conditions required when applying for the ID card are as follows: Disabled Persons, veterans, spouses of martyrs, Disabled Persons, veterans and first degree relatives of martyrs (mother, father or children) who have a disability rate of 40% or more may benefit from the discounted packages.

If disabled, Gazi/martyr wife makes the subscription application, the subscription will be on disabled, Gazi/martyr wife. If the disabled, Gazi / martyr's first degree relative (mother, father or child) applies for the subscription, the discount will be available and the subscription will take place on the disabled, Gazi/martyr's relative. These packages will be applied to each T.C. A package sale will be allowed for the identification number.

Türksat Uydunet Services the Uydunet internet service provided by Türksat has an unobstructed tariff application which is 25% discount on the condition that subscribers provide the necessary conditions. This tariff, which is limited to certain speeds, applies only to internet service. There are no discounts on cable TV, Teledünya and additional service costs. New subscription applications can be made through the provincial directorates, business partners and call center, and the transition operations with tariff changes can be made from the offices of provincial directorates and business partners. An application must be made with a disability ID card or a disability report and a population paper.

Disabled people, veterans, spouses of martyrs and first degree relatives of Disabled People, veterans and martyrs (mother, father or children) with disability rates of 40% and above can benefit from the Turkcell Superonline disability campaign. Rights holders can participate in the campaign by applying to Turkcell Superonline Customer Service (0 850 222 0 222). 25% discount is available on these services. The bill to be paid unlimited as a discount tariff is 44 lira.

Discounts on mobile phone services Turkcell, Telsim and Vodafone are also available on special tariffs for disabled people.

City Transportation: municipal buses, Metro services, TCDD and sea routes are free of charge.A companion of those with a’severely disabled " report will benefit from free transportation provided that he / she is with the disabled person.

TCDD and sea routes: out-of-town flights belonging to state railways and sea routes are free of charge. "A companion of those with a severely disabled report shall benefit from free transportation provided that the person with the disability is with him. Please register at Ankara Gar to use your free right to purchase tickets via TCDD internet and telephone. For the right to free travel, a ‘disability ID card’ from the provincial directorates of Social Services is valid. Those with a report with severe disabilities can benefit from the right to travel free of charge with the disabled ID card with ‘accompanying’ which they will receive from the provincial directorates of Social Services. For TCDD, you must register with the system in order to benefit from your free right to purchase tickets via internet and telephone. Get information from Gar businesses in Ankara and where you live.

Discount on inter-city buses: Road Transport regulations have changed. Accordingly, long-distance transportation to the disabled discount: certificate of authority of the owners of at least 40% who are disabled persons; 1 person seat for vehicles 20, 20-seat vehicles with 2 persons maximum for current over the fee schedule ticket fee 40% discount applies. However, if the number of disabled passengers to be carried by the same vehicle is more than 1 for vehicles with up to 20 seats and more than 2 for vehicles with more than 20 seats, a 30% discount on the ticket fee is applied on the current fare tariff for each more disabled passenger. 5 cautions are given to holders of certificates of authority who do not comply with this paragraph. This discount is only for the disabled person himself. This discount is not available for online ticket purchases. You can report to the Ministry of Transport about bus companies that do not make disability discounts or make disability discounts on buses to a limited number of disabled people.

THY discount: 25% discount is available. However, those who buy affordable tickets and those who buy tickets online cannot benefit from this discount. Those in wheelchairs, those with both vision and hearing disabilities have the freedom to travel alone.

You can call customer service for other airlines.

Visually impaired customers who use a wheelchair or will travel with the dog should contact the airline 48 hours before flight time.


The amount per person in the household less than one-third of the minimum wage can apply to the province/district of which they are affiliated (social assistance Solidarity Foundation) and claim the amount other than the SGK payment for the medical materials they have received. In this case, it is determined whether the payment will be made to the person upon the decision of the foundation Evaluation Board.


Admission to museums and ruins is free. The right to discount privately run museums and historic sites is at the initiative of the enterprise.


Shows are entitled to watch for free. Disabled theatres receive financial support from the Ministry of Culture.


Every disabled person who reaches the age of 18, who is not mentally incompetent and who is not under guardianship, can receive Digital Games franchises given by the General Directorate of National Lottery.


Election boards are obliged to make voting areas suitable for disabled people to vote in elections. Pregnant women, patients and disabled people are not kept waiting. The blind, paralysed or those with obvious physical disabilities can cast their votes with the help of one of their relatives, who is a voter of this election circle, or any other voter who does not have a relative. A voter cannot accompany more than one malule. Note: the accompanying voter is also given priority in voting.


Metropolitan, Provincial, District and provincial municipalities are obliged to carry out activities for the disabled. You can apply to the municipalities you are affiliated with and learn services for disabled people. Vocational courses, living centers, rehabilitation centers, cleaning services, psychological services, social assistance, Maintenance, Disclosure, maintenance, and repair services are examples of municipal services. In order to benefit from these services, you must register with the Municipal Disability Service Unit.


SCT discount vehicles can apply to the municipality of the place where they live and make their own disabled car parking place close to their homes. The application must be submitted with the disability health report, vehicle license and the population paper. In case of occupation of reserved parking spaces for disabled people, the fine is doubled.


In all hospitals, disabled people are entitled to priority during examination. This priority right does not cover the order of registration. This is at the initiative of the hospital you refer to.

The necessary discussions were made with the SIME-SEN Disability Commission and the Public Health Authority of the Ministry of Health regarding the vaccination of children with disabilities. Accordingly, families of children with disabilities who are passively enrolled in school or who cannot be vaccinated in schools where they are actively enrolled can apply to the family medicine they are affiliated with and ensure that their children are vaccinated.


In TOKI campaigns, disabled people who meet the appropriate conditions are given the right to participate in the money belonging to disabled people. Second, those who do not have a home in this board have the right to participate in the general board. Find out if this application will be available on your application.


In the residential and apartment buildings, appropriate arrangements can be made for the disabled according to the regulations. Condominium, site, etc. the persons living in the houses have the opportunity to have the appropriate regulation made in accordance with the legal regulations imposed. 19 of Law No. 5378. article; " Article 19 - 23.6.1965 dated and 634 numbered condominium law Article 42 to come after the first paragraph was added to the following paragraph. In case of necessity for the life of Disabled Persons, the project modification shall be decided by the majority of the number and land share by meeting the floor owners to be held within three months at the latest. In the event that the meeting cannot be held during this period or the request for renovations is often not accepted, upon the request of the floor owner, the building security is not compromised, the construction, repair and installation is made according to the project change or sketch approved by the relevant authorities in accordance with the commission report. The relevant authorities finalize the approved project change or sketch requests within six months at the latest. The establishment of the commission, the procedures and principles related to the working procedure and the process after the use of the disabled are determined by the regulation to be prepared jointly by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing and the Ministry of family and Social Policies."provision added.

In addition, the “regulation on the establishment, Working Procedures and principles of project modification commissions for the use of Disabled Persons in buildings” related to the establishment and working procedures of the Commission mentioned in the force of law was published in the Official Gazette dated 22 April 2006 and numbered 26147.


There is a Disabled Sports Federation affiliated to the Ministry of state for disabled people to play sports professionally. The Paralympic and Deafolympic games for young people with disabilities will be given a special point, as Will national athletes who take the top three degrees at the World Special Olympic Games. These young people will not take special talent exams and will make their placement OSYM. The right to settle in Higher Education is granted without YGS.


While some hospitals are not charged for report processing, many hospitals are charged for disability health report retrieval (August 2014). The health report procedures, which were free of charge until the publication of the March 2013 Health implementation communiqué, have been made toll-free in all hospitals. Therefore, you should be asked if it is paid before starting the process.


The 15th amendment of the Turkish Code of Obligations No. 6098 with an amendment made in 2011. the third paragraph of the article was amended as follows: "in case of requests of visually impaired persons, witnesses are sought for their signatures. Otherwise, the visually impaired only need to sign their signatures in handwriting."Thus, the implementation of the regulation repealed by the Law No. 5378 on Disabled Persons and the Law No. 818 of obligations concerning visually impaired persons not being able to perform the transactions requiring signature without witnesses shall be ensured in the care of visually impaired persons.


In public institutions such as public education centers, Turkish Employment Agency, KOSGEB, special vocational training courses are opened for disabled people and the disabled people who finish these courses are given priority in job placement.

Business Exchange Registration Is Important.

Disabled Persons and employers seeking work must register with IŞKUR by registering on IŞKUR portal or in person. The registered disabled individual declares that he has the right of priority. All disabled persons who are 40% or over the age of 14 can register with IŞKUR. With these records, they can follow vocational courses for disabled people from Iş-Kur official site.

It covers the workplaces opened and opened by real and legal persons in order to create employment for individuals with disabilities who are difficult to gain into the labour market. (At least 40% are mentally or mentally disabled, employment for those over 15 years of age)


Disabled people who need care from their parents, spouses or children can apply to the military branch or force commands in the province where they are in order to perform military service in a garrison near the residence of the family of soldiers and privates who document their need for care with a medical report taken from the authorized hospital. About soldiers and privates who are in need of care: those with disabilities who are in need of care from their parents, spouses or children; in order to do military service in a garrison close to the residence of the family of soldiers and privates who document their need for care with the medical report taken from the authorized hospital, they can apply to the military branch or force commands in the province they are in with a petition. Turkish Armed Forces and military operations directive.Page 8-2 Article 5/A – the distribution of persons with disabilities who have a mother, father, wife or child in need of care shall be made to the associations, institutions and headquarters close to the residence of the disabled person in need of care, provided that they are outside the provincial borders where the soldiers and privates are registered with the population and


Students are required to submit disability reports to ÖSYM at the application stage in order to make appropriate arrangements for disability groups in the university exam. The ygs base score for students in the physical, mental, visual and hearing impaired group who wish to transition to higher education with special ability and who have won the special ability exam was set at 100 points on December 20, 2013. Gifted students have the right to register to Fine Arts departments without entering YGS if deemed appropriate by Yok as a result of evaluation. For this reason, gifted children with autism, mental, physical, visual and hearing disabilities will also benefit from this right.

With the article added to the regulations of credit and dormitories Authority, dormitory facilities are provided in the city where they live for those who use wheelchairs, such as those who are visually impaired, who cannot board city buses alone. Article 3-B) the family of the student should reside outside the municipal boundaries of the city where the dormitory is located, except for the visually impaired, paralyzed, without one or two arms or legs and those with scoliosis who are unable to benefit from the transport vehicles unaided in the city (however, the housing units within the boundaries of the metropolitan municipalities where the application

By the decision of the Council of ministers, students who submit their disability report to the relevant higher education institution during registration or renewal of their registration for higher education programs are given a discount of the amount of tuition fees to be paid. Students who are disabled but cannot submit their disability report at the time of registration or renewal of registration will be refunded from the rejection and returns item on the date of presentation of the relevant document, the discount amount to be made up of the disability rate. Students are given priority in the Prime Ministerial scholarship.

There is no exemption in KYK repayments for young people with disabilities. Get information about this from your university.

Those with disabilities of 40% and above benefit from the priority right for the KYK and the Prime Ministerial scholarship. In addition, those whose parents are 40% or older with disabilities also benefit from the priority right.


Seizure exemption for Public Personnel and the right to day care leave

Civil servant mothers and fathers with disabled children who work in public institutions are exempt from duty and overtime. In addition, the employees who have relatives in need of care have been given a convenience in the issue of day care leave. 3 of the Prime Ministry circular on measures to be taken in line with trade union Developments dated 30 January 2010. The article is as follows: ‘to the personnel in this situation, provided that the disabled family member, who is legally obliged by Public Employees, is in need of care, is certified by the current disability health board report taken according to the relevant legislation.; the necessary convenience will be provided in the use of leave for the daily care of the disabled family member and the personnel will be exempted from duty of duty and night shift outside working hours.’’

The exemption of care leave and seizure is mostly at t

Individuals with disabilities who need care and cannot be cared for at home have the right to benefit from public or private care institutions. In order to evaluate the disabled person who will benefit from the care of the institution as a disabled person who needs care, it is necessary to include the phrase “severely disabled ‘in the disability health report.

Two types of care services are provided. The first of these are the official Care Institutions under the Ministry of family and Social Policies. There is no need for income measurement to remain in these institutions. Applications are made to provincial directorates of Social Services. The Provincial Directorate prepares a care report about the person. If there is a vacancy in the institutions in the province where the applications are made, it should be known that if there is no vacancy in the province, placement may be made to an institution outside the province at the request of the person.

Other care services that will be offered to disabled people who need care are special care centres. In order to stay here, the income of the disabled person is measured. The sum of household income is divided by the number of people in the household. If less than two-thirds of the minimum wage per person, the care report is assessed. The care fee to be paid to special care centers, social assistance to support home care, and assistance to government institutions providing care services are covered by the budget of the Ministry of family and Social Policies. In the event of a change in income exceeding the household income criteria, the payments made under this article shall be stopped and collected in accordance with the general provisions, together with the legal interest from the date of the change.. For those who fail to exceed the income criterion, the care home is not given a ministerial allowance. The place of application for special care institutions is the provincial directorates of Social Work. The authorities of the institution decide whether or not the disabled individual should be admitted to the special care institution for which the care report is prepared. If the monthly maintenance fee of the institution is more than the ministry's allowance, this amount is paid by the disabled individual himself.

The amount to be paid to care centers amounts to twice the salary of home care. Those who remain in institutions are cut from home care and disability pay. These persons are given pocket money by the Ministry. It is important which disability group the institutions serve, which age range and which gender.

Grant support given by IŞKUR to disabled citizens IŞKUR will grant a total of 36 thousand TL to those who want to start their own business from the administrative fines fund charged by employers who do not employ disabled people and to people with disabilities at least 40% of the time. At the end of the applications that are evaluated by the commission consisting of related stakeholders, the projects that are successful will be given gratuitous grants and the disabled will be provided to be the patron of their own affairs.
The projects will be prepared according to the principles in the guidelines for applicants on the IŞKUR website. For information: detailed information can be obtained from the provincial directorates or service centers of the labor and Employment Agency located in 81 provinces or by calling 444 75 87.


Alo 183 social services: through the Alo 183 line, calls about women, children, disabled and elderly, relatives of martyrs and veterans are evaluated and guidance and counselling is provided. In order to prevent cases of neglect, abuse and violence, or honour and honour killings, notices in the form of measures are directed to the Emergency Response Team responsible for the province where the case is located, taking into account the urgency of the situation.

HELLO 144 social assistance: conditional social assistance and Solidarity Foundation conducted by the education/health benefits, coal assistance, food assistance, disability pension, his wife, the aid of women who died of IVF help, housing assistance, etc. all kinds of requests, suggestions and complaints about AIDS and project supports are received, the database is examined and the caller is informed about the status of his/her application, and the relevant Provincial / District Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation is referred to.

Important: please show the source when using the article

Edited by: Ayşe sarı

Chairman Of The Health Services Union Disability Commission.

Civil Officers ' Union Headquarters Disability Legislation Adviser

Gülhane education and Research Hospital Disability Advisory and Coordination Unit officer

Member of the Board of Directors of the foundation for life and social work without disabilities of Turkey (TEYVAK)

Board Member Of The Seeing Hearts Education Association