Employee Rights
25 Haziran 2020

In accordance with Circular No. 2012/23 of the Ministry of Health General Directorate of Health Services on the provision of employee safety, the hospital aims to minimize the potential risks of health workers in the process of providing health services, to keep employee safety and motivation at the highest level and to increase employee awareness., “Employee Rights and Safety Unit” has been established within our hospital in order to prevent violence which is defined as verbal or actual acts that result or are likely to result in physical and psychological harm.

1-accepts requests and complaints.
2-reports by evaluating applications.
3-provides feedback to the applicants by ensuring that the necessary preventive and regulatory works are initiated.
4-closely follows the practices for Employee Rights and safety.
5-health workers who commit violence to ensure that citizens are informed about the punishment of the boards, posters and leaflets to be hung in places to see.
6-reports to the Chief Physician On a monthly basis.
7-our hospital provides its employees with high motivation and a safe environment, improves the quality of service delivery, identifies possible risks for the employees of the institution, develops appropriate methods and techniques for the elimination of these risks, analyzes the events that take place and increases the measures specific to the institution.

What's Code White?
All violent incidents that occur in public and private health institutions Ministry of Health the monitoring of intervention required with the event to be followed, to be transmitted to the judicial authorities, along with the analyses of the actual events-related health institution-specific measures to the introduction of a system that was created for the purpose of the study.

What Is The White Code Unit?
It is the unit established within the Ministry of Health, which can be reached 24/7 to the phone number “ 1111 “ after the violent incidents, which, upon notification, investigates whether the incident has been transferred to the judicial authorities and, if it has not been, ensures that the incident is reported to the judicial authorities immediately, and also confirms that the legal units of the

Things to know about notification and process
In the event of violence or the possibility of violence, a white code is initiated by calling 1111. Upon the call to pager device, security guards arrive at the scene within 3 minutes and take the violent person or persons to the police point after neutralizing them.
If the victim of violence is complaining to the employee, the team will come to the police station and take his statement, or the employee will be taken to the police station and his statement will be taken.
Identification of the violent person (photocopy of identity) should be obtained for registration and continuity of the process. “White code incident notification form” is filled out by the security team who are involved in the incident and the incident is recorded.
The victim should take a copy of the employee police station report and apply to the Employee Rights and Security Unit by adding the photocopy to the hospital incident report he kept. If the above-mentioned process has not been realized and the White code notification has not been made/can not be done, a criminal complaint should be made and a judicial process should be started. Again, the victim employee should take a copy of the statement minutes and hand over the copy to the Employee Rights and Security Unit after the deposition process is completed. If there are witnesses, it is important to obtain the name and signature of the “incident report”. If requested by The Related Employee, Legal Assistance is provided by the lawyers of the Ministry of Health in accordance with the regulation dated 28.04.2012 and numbered 28277.

Informing patients and their relatives;
A) where patients and their relatives will apply first, which procedures and treatment will be performed, where the examinations and assays will be performed, and how long they will wait if they need to wait, information processes will be reviewed and completed if there are deficiencies. To this end, “Patient Information areas” will be strengthened to inform patients and/or their relatives about the condition of the patient, especially the emergency services, and to determine where, how often and by whom information will be provided.
B) to inform the health personnel whose citizens are subjected to violence have the right to withdraw from service and in such a case the process of receiving services may be impaired.
C) The Citizen shall inform (through means such as boards/posters/leaflets) that those who commit violence against the health worker shall be prosecuted and punished. Withdrawal health workers may request withdrawal from the service in the event of violence during the provision of health services, except for services that need to be provided urgently. The request to withdraw from the service is notified to the manager designated by the institution orally or in writing. Upon notification, the competent administrator shall immediately evaluate the incident and decide without delay whether the request for withdrawal is appropriate.
The competent administrator shall take measures to ensure that the patient receives health care and to continue his / her treatment, if he / she finds appropriate to the request for withdrawal from the service, together with security measures. In this context, it will determine the new health worker who will continue the health service of the patient concerned, and if this is not possible within the institution, it will provide the referral and reception of services to another health institution where the patient can receive services. During this process, Care will be taken to ensure that the patient's treatment is not disrupted.

For any questions;

Call the Employee Rights and Safety Unit.
Contact: 0312 356 90 00/1445