25 Haziran 2020

Updated: 29 June 2018

All inpatients in our hospital Nutritional Support Unit the aim of the organization evaluate the nutritional aspects of malnutrition or diagnosed with natural ways of treatment nutritional support for patients who are unable to get the nutrients you need to edit, enteral and parenteral nutrition products and ensure that it is used for the purpose of implementation is to provide the necessary training for the elimination of errors.

Our unit conducts Nutrition Risk Screening ( NRS 2002 form) for every patient except for daily hospitalizations. It assesses the malnutrition status of patients. Our unit also evaluates the patient with the request of the physician for consultation and creates a treatment plan. The patient is monitored by our unit until the patient is discharged or the nutritional support indication is eliminated. Daily new inpatient and pre-inpatient patients are evaluated by making rounds and, if necessary, the treatment plan is changed. Our unit is also involved in planning and purchasing enteral and parenteral products in accordance with the rational drug regulation.

Hospital administrators, branch specialist physicians, pharmacists, dieticians, nurses are working in the nutrition support Commission, which forms the Nutrition Support Unit team that operates in our hospital.

Assoc. Dr. Esra ÖZAYAR (anesthesia and reanimation)
Uzm. Dr. Münire BABAYIĞIT (anesthesia and reanimation)
Uzm. Dr. Veysel Barış TURHAN (General Surgery)
Neonatology: Assoc. Dr. Dilek Winder (Child Health and diseases)
Uzm. Dr. Yavuz TOKGÖZ (child Gastroenterology )
Uzm. Dr. Ayşe Derya invention (child Endocrinology)
Uzm. Dr. Müge KESKIN (Endocrinology)
Uzm. Dr. Dilek Yazıcıoğlu Algeria (Neurology)
Uzm. Dr. Muhammet Yener Akpınar (Gastroenterology)
Uzm. Dr. Evrim KAHRAMANOĞLU AKSOY (Gastroenterology)
Uzm. Nevgül DEMIR (Family Physician)
Ali Fatih KALAÇ (pharmacist))
Moonlight BOZ (nurse))
Kiraz ÖZTÜRK (dietitian))
Aynur Akpınar (dietician)