Smoking cessation outpatient clinic serves in our hospital's Yükseltepe District Outpatient Clinic. There are two outpatient clinics serving the first admission and control patients.Our patients who want to quit smoking make an appointment and apply to the smoking cessation clinic. The patients are evaluated in detail, and the necessary analyzes - tests are carried out, and the most appropriate method of smoking cessation for the patient is decided together with the patient. There are three methods used to quit smoking. These methods are drug therapy, nicotine replacement therapy and psychotherapy. It is aimed to increase success by evaluating and following the applied treatment control outpatient clinic. Many people get rid of tobacco addiction as a result of the treatments applied in smoking cessation outpatient clinic. In this way, many diseases can be prevented before they develop, and important work is done to improve public health. You can call Alo 171 for an appoint